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Top 5 Android apps for IT professionals

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The Android is some magic created by Google. Consumers, entrepreneurs and people from all quarters of the world are opting for the operating system.

What is that one special thing which attracts people to it? It is the large number of apps and easy interface.

The Android something for everybody- for IT pros too. It has a plethora of apps which can be of very good use for IT people.

Also a lot of these apps are free of cost; the only point of contention is how much leverage your organization gives to use these apps in sync with office documents and other software.

The top 5 Android apps for IT pros that too free of cost are:
1. AndroidVNC
VNC is software which enables IT pros to remotely connect and run systems by a LAN or via the internet, the Android VNC makes it possible for phones to do the same from anywhere. But there’s a slight clause that the desktop which has to be accessed should also be using VNC.

2. And FTP
Accessing FTP servers is a minute’s job with And FTP which lets users to manage FTP services, a FTP file browser and a device file browser. To connect to the FTP server one needs to follow the simple steps such as putting in login information and feeding in advanced connection options. The AndFTP allows multiple functions via the Android and helps IT professionals to create and delete files and folders and also add dropbox like functions to the phone. The major USP of the phone is that it can easily share large files with users on giving permission.

3. Astro File Manager
The Astro File Manager is a simple application which allows a person to sort clutter on his/her phone. IT professionals can use the application to control files in a network shared folder or system and copy, rename or delete files.
It also helps users to send files as attachments and create backups for them.

4. ConnectBot
The application with the help of SSH (Secure Shell) network protocol helps in bridging a secure connection between networked devices allowing IT staff to access multiple servers and firewalls and transfer data securely. There is a small disability with the app that it is difficult to use if a user is using a virtual keyboard. But there is a solution to the problem I the form of forcing the app to fit above the keyboard by keying in the Resize command.

5. Fing
The Fing is a tool which helps to discover cross platform network giving an insight into the number of devices and services which run on the network. It also consists of a tool which helps in determining the reachability of a host in an IP network.
Multiple Scans can be run quickly and the output can be viewed in various formats such plain text, HTML tables and CSV logs. They can be viewed in an app console window, web browser or in a third party application.

The apps are very useful for IT pros and make it easy for them to work from anywhere making mobility very simple. The only issue here is of banner ads which come along with these apps. Still these apps are e very good bet as they are free and have maximum utility.

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