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Read Comments On YouTube Without Losing Video Playback Focus [Chrome]

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One problem with watching videos on YouTube is losing screen focus from the playback as you scroll down to read comments. YouTube As It Should Be, a Chrome extension, offers a new way to browse and watch video content on YouTube. The extension works around the losing focus issue by elegantly adding scroll bars to related video content and comments block, eliminating the need to scroll away from video player to view comments and related content. Furthermore, a toolbar with forward/backward, autoplay and shuffle buttons is added to the bottom of the page. You can also view thumbnail previews of all related videos by hovering your mouse over all video clips.
With this extension, you can watch the video and read comments at the same time. The comments section gets a scrollbar of its own, shrinking the panel from its original size so that the video never moves out of focus. A toolbar with useful buttons is also added to YouTube Videos, allwoing you to switch between previous/next video, auto play and enable shuffle. Moreover, the thumbnail previews allow you to quickly skim through a video’s content without actually needing to play it, thus making it easier to find content of your interest.
Scroll bars are also added to the related videos panel, so you can easily scroll down them while continuing to watch the currently-playing video.
This is quite a handy extension that improves your YouTube video watching experience. It gives YouTube an elegant look and lets you enjoy videos and comments at the same time. Visit the link below, try it out, and let us know what you think.

Install YouTube As It Should Be For Chrome

zeZebra: P2P File Transfer With Bandwidth Control & Contact Management

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There are a lot of P2P file sharing applications available on the internet, but most of them are slow, unsecure, sometimes limited in terms of file size that can be shared, or too difficult and complicated to send files to other users. If you are looking for a tool that’s free, simple, fast and secure, check out zeZebra. It is an application with eye candy interface that lets you transfer large files in a simple and easy-to-understand way. It enables you to send a file of any size to any person, and allows you to adjust transfer speed and number of simultaneous transfers, thus giving you total control over aspect like bandwidth usage, target recipients and other such parameters. If you send a lot of files to the same people, the application has a contacts manager to quickly send the files instead of adding the information every time.
When you run the application for the first time, enter your name and email address to access the main interface. This information will be used to identify you during the file transfer process. The main interface of zeZebra has Send New File button at the top, and zeZebra menu at the top left, while the files being transferred and information about the transfer such as Upload/Download Speeds etc, appears at the bottom.
zeZebra Main Interface
To send a file, click Send New File, choose the service and enter the contact details to send a download link.
zeZebra - Send To ..
When you send a file, the recipient will have to download zeZebra first to receive the file. Once the recipient has installed zeZebra, it will automatically detect the link and begin the file transfer.
zeZebra Sending
The application requires the approval of recipient before beginning the file transfer, and allows both parties to pause and resume downloads at any time.
zeZebra Permissions
Click zeZebra and select Settings to edit General, Plugins, Traffic, Profile and Contacts. It lets you toggle outlook plugin, adjust transfer speed and number of simultaneous transfers, edit profile and manage contacts.
zeZebra - Settings
It is worth noting that the program requires both users to be online at the same time, since it’s primarily a P2P file transfer service that does not upload your data anywhere. zeZebra works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download zeZebra

ServiceCommander: Manage & Monitor Windows Services On Networked PCs

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Some days ago, we covered Windows Service Monitor, an open source utility that lets you monitor, start and stop user-specified services directly from the system tray without having to open the Windows Task Manager or Service Control Manager. Today, we have another tool, ServiceCommander, that allows you to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume or Restart selected services on any computer on your network from the system tray. What sets ServiceCommander apart from the formerly-reviewed tool, is its ability to control and manipulate services on networked PCs, a highly useful feature for many system/network administrators. The program lets you easily add services to the monitoring list, and displays the control functions of each service in the system tray. It also enables you to start, stop or restart all added services at once, as well as direct access to the default Windows applications of Service, Event Viewer and Task Manager.
The application has Services and Options tab at the top, service list appears in the middle, while buttons to Add, Remove, Move Up, Move Down and Remove All appear on the right side. To add services in ServiceCommander, click Add button to access the Add Services window.
Configure ServiceCommander
In the Add Services window, first choose the computer from which you choose to add services. Then, select the services you would like to add and click OK.
Add Services
The Options tab lets you configure ServiceCommander startup behavior, Actions available in the Menu (Start, Stop, Restart, Pause, Resume) and Menu Entries (Configure, All Services, Tools).
Configure ServiceCommander Options
In the system tray icon, the running services will be denoted by a green dot before their name. The services can be controlled by right-clicking the application’s icon, selecting the application and choosing the desired action.
ServiceCommander Controls
Whenever a services is started, stopped, paused, resumed or restarted, a system tray notification popup informs the user regarding the success or failure of the desired action.
ServiceCommander Notification
ServiceCommander lets you access the Service Control Manager, Event Viewer and Windows Task Manager directly from the application.
ServiceCommander Tools
ServiceCommander works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download ServiceCommander

Enable Functional Table Of Contents For Any Website [Chrome]

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When browsing through blogs and content-rich websites, how many times have you actually read everything? It becomes rather tiring to find the right material, especially if the website in question comes with a lot of text. TableOfContents is a Google Chrome extension that makes navigation of webpages easier by allowing you to toggle the Table-of-Contents (ToC) for the said page. It creates an expandable Table-of-Contents list, which conveniently allows you to access the headings of lengthy articles. Clicking on a particular heading highlights it, and the webpage content is navigated accordingly. TableOfContents gives users a overall view of what a webpage consists of, rather then displaying selected parts.
Once the extension is installed, a button is added right next to the URL bar. Whenever you come across a huge website, simply click this button to enable the TableOfContents view. Contents are listed to the left of the page, whereas the webpage will be displayed to the right. Headings are highlighted when clicked, and webpage content changes accordingly. With this extension, you no longer need to scroll down long webpages and look for your favorite articles. Simple click a heading and start reading. You may also change the width of the Table-of-Contents panel, and the area occupied by the webpage.
This extension might prove particularly useful for students who read lots of research papers online. It quickly lets you find your desired content when you’re short on time, or in a rush. Grab it from the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install TableOfContents For Google Chrome


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