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Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

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The Metro interface in Windows 8 has some extremely helpful keyboard shortcuts. Here's a list to help speed up your Windows 8 productivity.
WinKey+Spacebar: Switch the input language and keyboard layout
WinKey+Shift+V: Reverse cycle through toasts
WinKey+Enter: Launch the narrator
WinKey+PgUp: Move tiles to the left
WinKey+PgDn: Move tiles to the right
WinKey+Shift+.: Move the split to the left
WinKey+.: Move the split to the right
WinKey+C: Open charms
WinKey+D: Show desktop
WinKey+E: Open windows explorer
WinKey+F: Open search panel
WinKey+H: Open share charm
WinKey+I: Open settings charm
WinKey+K: Open connect charm
WinKey+L: Lock computer
WinKey+O: Lock screen rotation
WinKey+Q: Open search pane
WinKey+R: Open run
WinKey+V: Cycle through toasts
WinKey+W: Opens settings search panel
WinKey+ Y: Look at desktop
WinKey+Z: Open the app bar

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