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How to Increase Facebook Likes on Your Fanpage

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There are plenty of advertisers who promise to give sudden increase in Facebook likes with paying some dollars. but are these fake Facebook likes works at all..!! well, i suggest build a genuine relationship with Facebook fanpage and grow your likes fans on facebook. Here are few tips that will help to increase Facebook likes.
Advertise on Facebook to get more  Facebook likes”. This is the quickest way to grow your fan base.
how to increase facebook likes
Increase/Grow your likes on Facebook fanpage

Best Tips to get increase Facebook Page Likes

  1. Rotate your ads “DAILY” people get tired of hearing the same thing in conversation so change your ad! Conversion (CTR) rates can drop by 50% after the first 24 hours. Do not “set and forget”
  2. Free exclusive video that can only be viewed if you like the page.
  3. Include a link to your Facebook page in your email signature
  4. Post content from your blog to Facebook whenever you write a new post. Facebook users love receiving new content on Facebook without having to go looking for your blog. Treat Facebook as an extension of your blog.
  5. Make it obvious on a custom landing page by providing a big bold “Like our Page”
  6. Initially ask friends and family to like your page. A bit overdone but essential at the beginning
  7. Run a competition. Everyone likes a competition
  8. Offer a free ebook to obtain a “like” (just like you should be doing for email subscriber acquisition)
  9. Provide enticing high resolution photos. Compelling photos that are appropriate for your target audience will keep them coming back and make them share and so drive more likes from their friends
  10. Add Facebook Social Plugin Box to your Blog and Website (60% of my “likes” are achieved this way)
  11. Ask questions regularly using Facebook’s native question app.

Advantage of increasing Facebook Likes:

Increasing Facebook Like is also increasing your network. Just having thousands of friends or thousands more from your fan page is very viral. The more likes you get, the more people will be in your network.
More people means more audience. Now if you are selling something, this means more potential customers for you.
There are virtually tons of advantages of Facebook Like and it really depends on your purpose. But one thing’s for sure is that it will serve your purpose.

Essential changes to  Facebook Fan page to increase Facebook Likes

  1. Offer “Special” including discounts to Facebook fans. The majority of Facebook users “like” a page to obtain a discount
  2. Simple but often missed: Add a “follow us” on Facebook button near the top of your website and blog pages
  3. Add a large custom banner to your blog and website asking to “Like
  4. Create an incentive “Like” page that gives people a reason to like your page.
  5. Include the Facebook like button on your email HTML template so that people can like your Facebook page from the regular email newsletter
  6. Add a link to your Facebook page as one of your three LinkedIn website links that are part of your LinkedIn settings in your profile
  7. Add a newsworthy update that is relevant for your industry or market niche to your Facebook page every day
  8. Provide a compelling welcome video on your Facebook landing page
Getting increase and grow your Facebook likes is important. but you should also continue to grow both your email subscriber list and increase Twitter followers.
How have you increased your Facebook page “likes”? You want to join Facebook Like Exchange  porgramme. Give a Facebook Like to 10+ articles and i will do the same in response.
Thanks.  Happy Facebook Like program ..:)

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